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World Wetlands Day

Nature Today Collaborates with CCM to celebrate Wetlands Day

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Promoting Climate Smart Coastal Communities for the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to participate in an event in Ghana in observance of the World Wetlands Day. The event will involve community outreach campaigns, guided tour for students and planting of mangroves at the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site, in Winneba, Ghana on Saturday 2 February 2019. Through this event, we will build community support for the protection of the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site. Coastal settlement areas are particularly vulnerable to climate variability and change due to rising temperatures and sea levels, increased severity of flooding, and ocean acidification. Wetlands like the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site have the ability to help local people to adapt to extreme weather events associated with climate change. It serves as natural buffer in periods of peak flood flows, extreme rainfall and also against impacts of sea level rise and storms. Unfortunately, the site is drying up and is threatened by erosion and exacerbated by climate change. The site is also faced with pollution from agriculture, deforestation, bushfires, over- exploitation of tree vegetation and over-fishing. If well managed, the site can support local people to contribute to both adaptation and mitigation measures. Nature Today is proposing a community-centred approach for building climate resilient coastal communities. The objective is to build the capacity of coastal communities to act as agents of change to mitigate and adapt to climate change by conserving their natural resources.


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