Climate change and variability is affecting communities today as seen with intermittent floods, seasonal drought, and increasing land and water temperatures. The “Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change” short course is a five-day intensive course for professionals working on coastal economies, spatial planning, environmental science and population/health. The course is designed to meet individual learning needs as well as to provide valuable and constructive feedback for both participants and trainers alike. This year, the five day workshop is targeted at journalists from selected media houses along the coastal zone of Ghana.


SECTION 1: Applicant Bio Data
This section provides basic information about the applicant for this course
SECTION 2: Training Details
Applicants should produce information on preferred course and relevance to field of work at current position
SECTION 3: Work and Educational Background
Applicant should provide details of past and present education and work
SECTION 4: Referees
Applicants should provide at least a reference (Reference 1) from their respective institutions or work places plus one other reference
Reference 1
Reference from applicant's institution. Should be a higher office holder
Reference 2
Any other reference, preferably departmental heads


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