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Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management Course

Coastal areas are the most densely populated with complex and numerous opportunities, uses and challenges, which require an integrated approach and the relevant skill-set to manage these environments in all of its aspects. The ICZM course is designed to equip professionals, whose line of work focuses directly or indirectly on the coast, with practical coastal zone management skills by demystifying the principles and techniques involved. The course also explains the vulnerability of the coastal zone to human and natural factors and co-management as well as community-based management of coastal resources.

Course units

  • Introduction to ICZM

  • Coastal Ecosystems in Ghana

  • Opportunities, Uses and Concerns of Coastal Zone

  • Types of Integration and ICZM Process

  • Coastal Management Instrument

  • Co-Management and Community Based Management of Coastal Resources

  • Coastal Profiling

  • Practical Field Activities

Who should attend?

The short courses are well suited for representatives and mid-career professionals from government, non-governmental organisations and civil society groups, donor entities, international organisations, industries, consulting firms, businesses and corporations, lecturers, students, and individuals who wish to gain comprehensive insight into the application of modern tools such as GIS and remote sensing, and integrate climate change concept into managing fisheries and coastal resources are welcome!


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