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Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This course is designed to build on the introductory course. It is suitable for participants who possess basic working knowledge in using GIS tools in that it exposes them to a more comprehensive understanding of the theories, assumptions, and context of spatial analysis. In addition, participants are trained to identify and apply spatial analytical methods and tools and enhance their ability to correctly and appropriately interpret and present the analysis results.

Course dates

Course closed at the moment

Course units

  • Spatial Overlay and Geoprocessing

  • Spatial Query

  • Land Cover Classification and Land Use Analysis

  • Surface Analysis

  • Watershed Analysis

  • Change Management

Who should attend?

The short courses are well suited for representatives and mid-career professionals from government, non-governmental organisations and civil society groups, donor entities, international organisations, industries, consulting firms, businesses and corporations, lecturers, students, and individuals who wish to gain comprehensive insight into the application of modern tools such as GIS and remote sensing, and integrate climate change concept into managing fisheries and coastal resources are welcome!


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