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Multiple Stressors in Tropical Marine Environments
  • Prof.
    Torkel Gissel Nielsen
  • Dr.
    Emmanuel Acheampong
  • Start 8:00 AM - Mar 25 2019
  • End 12:00 PM - Mar 30 2019
  • University of Cape Coast
  • ccm@ucc.edu.gh

The course is designed for PhD and master students as well as young professionals, working on aquatic environments in general. The suitable disciplines are, for instance, biological oceanography, pollution and climate change, environmental science, chemistry, fisheries, coastal management, or management of freshwater or marine environments and their resources. The course is open for both West-African and Nordic students.

The course consists of lectures and group work focusing on different aspects of multiple stressors, hands-on laboratory experiment, students are expected to present their PhD or master projects, where possible in the context of the course. At a final seminar, all participants will be expected to present their results of the field and laboratory experiments undertaken during the course. Each day will start with a lecture on the day’s theme, presenting the stressor, it’s source(s), and its main known consequences in marine systems. The lecture will be followed by group work where the students will discuss possible solutions to the problem, and present their ideas for the rest of the class. In the afternoons the students will work on simple eco-toxicological experiments, investigating lethal or sub-lethal effects of pollutants on diverse plankton organisms at different temperatures. In groups of 3-5, the students will plan, design and conduct a laboratory experiment, paying attention in formulation of hypothesis and data analysis, and present their results in a seminar during the last day of the course.



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Coastal marine ecosystems are threatened by multiple human-induced stressors, ranging from global stressors such as climate change, to local pollution, habitat loss and over-exploitation of resources. In general, cumulative effects of stressors on the marine eco-system are understudied and with respect to tropical ecosystems, knowledge is limited.


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