Ghanaian Beach dynamics through video monitoring for improving coastal management strategies

The Ghanaian shoreline covers several types of rocky or sandy beaches and kinds of open or embayed beaches, yet most studies focus on sandy open beaches. The variability of open and embayed beach relation is vital for this coastline changes.  This scientific gap is predominantly due to data scarcity. This project seeks to use video system to monitor the evolution of an embayed beach in Elmina on the Western coast of Ghana and the impact of oceanic forcing. This video technique would be fully implemented at between the University of Cape Coast beach and the Elmina castle. The impact of forcing along the entire beach of Ghana is also poorly studied and information is only available on selected hotspot beaches where the beach is severely eroded. Processes and impact of forcing would be analysed from the video data for decision making.  As part of this project, the pollution (sanitation) component along the Cape Coast beach would also be studied. This project was funded by the World Academy of Science (TWAS).



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