Strategic Thrusts

  1. Establish and sustain an efficient and functional management structure to operate effectively

    Establish a dedicated account, employ core administrative and research staff, a library, website, MOUs with local and international organizations with related visions, and sustained operational budget.

  2. Research the coastal environment for sustainable management and efficient utilization of coastal resources

    Monitor the effects of human and natural factors on coastal ecosystems and disseminate findings through scientific communications and outreach networks.

  3. Capacity building of professionals dealing with coastal issues

    Enhance the technical and leadership capacities of professionals dealing with coastal issues (i.e. planners, disaster management officials, community development workers, educators, private sectors, etc.).

  4. Embark on community extension and outreach programmes on coastal environment issues

    Provide education and document good practices on rational exploitation and management of coastal resources.

  5. Embark on income generation activities

    Provide research and consultancy services to public and private institutions.

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