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COVID-19 Intervention in Coastal Communities in Ghana | UCC Subgrant

Project Description

The USAID-SFMP COVID Intervention is a COVID-19 response activity being implemented across over 300 landing beaches including fish processing sites and fish markets in about 180 fishing communities along the entire coast of Ghana.

Key objectives of the intervention to have fisherfolk at 300 landing sites, processing and/or fish markets sites better adhere to official COVID-19 disease prevention protocols, ensure that two thousand extremely vulnerable fisheries-dependent households avoid extreme poverty during the pandemic, provide Government of Ghana with evidence on approaches for effective livelihood assistance to fishing communities affected by COVID-19.

Activities implemented to achieve these objectives include COVID-19 behavioural change communication, provision of hand washing stations to improve hygiene at the landing beaches, processing sites and fish markets, provision of financial assistance to vulnerable households, and piloting supplementary livelihoods options with fishers.

The Centre for Coastal Management was awarded a subgrant for mapping the geographical locations of all fish landing sites in Ghana to aid the assessment of the impact of COVID-19 and facilitate intervention actions.

The dashboard for the mapping is hosted on an external project website.

Funding Information

Funding Institution(s)
  • Amount : USD60,000.00
    Duration: May 2020 - April 2021