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What we do

The Centre engages practitioners committed to the policy and institutional aspects of human development and coastal environmental sustainability such as the national and local government authorities including coastal resource managers, planners, engineers, and disaster management officials at regional and district levels. This strategy is in line with Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICM) as a multidisciplinary subject. Our activities, therefore, focus mainly on capacity building, research and extension in coastal governance and resilience. 

The Centre acts as a focal point for collaborative research on coastal zone issues in Ghana

This activity is aimed at building the professional competency of people working on coastal issues.

We provide up-to-date science-based information and technical skills by engaging stakeholders for the greater benefit of the Ghanaian society.

What we do

The Centre's Research and Extension

The Centre’s research and extension works encompass the following areas:

Coastal ecosystems biodiversity and conservation
Fish stock assessment
Pollution and ecological health of coastal ecosystems
Community-based coastal resource management
Coastal livelihoods
Coastal and marine spatial planning