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Community Extension

We provide up-to-date science-based information and technical skills by engaging stakeholders for the greater benefit of the Ghanaian society. This component is aimed at primarily strengthening inter-agency collaboration for the sustainable management of fisheries and other coastal resources. Through this programme, we create a platform for engaging government, development partners, civil society organizations and private sector institutions to advise government on the development and implementation of policies, strategies and programmes to address the challenges of the sector.

Presently, the Centre is facilitating the implementation of the following activities:

Conference on Fisheries and Coastal Environment

The Centre is facilitating implementation of the recommendations outlined in the Communique from the Conference on Fisheries and Coastal Environment (2017), using the issuance of government’s red alert on all forms of illegal fishing in Ghana as a basis. The intention is to secure stakeholder support for fisheries and coastal management reforms in Ghana.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Society of Ghana (FASoG)

The Centre was instrumental in the establishment of the governance, management and membership structures for the Fisheries and Aquaculture Society of Ghana (FASoG).

Journal of Fisheries and Coastal Management (JFCoM)

The Centre hosts the multidisciplinary journal on Fisheries and Coastal Management (JFCoM) on behalf of FASoG. JFCoM is a biannual journal which publishes scientific articles on fisheries and aquaculture (freshwater, brackishwater and marine), physical and social aspects of the coastal environment.

Supplementary Livelihood Programme

To promote livelihood options in coastal communities, the Centre embarks on development of supplementary income generation activities based on assessment of needs and market analysis. The activities include bee keeping, snail rearing and oyster culture in selected coastal communities in Ghana.

Media Campaigns

We facilitate public awareness on coastal issues through print and electronic media. The Centre also works closely with journalists on coastal issues for effective reportage to inform government policy. The aim is to influence attitudinal change among coastal communities.