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Ocean litter

Nippon Foundation Ocean Litter Project

Project Description

Marine litter pollution is a global challenge which requires immediate attention from all stakeholders (national and international) to prevent a foreseeable catastrophe on the environment and humans due to its numerous detrimental effects. In a journey to understand and find solutions
to this menace the Nippon Foundation Ocean Litter Project seeks to apply an interdisciplinary approach to address some critical research questions, integrating scientific models, sociological field research and legal and policy analyses. Solutions and policies recommended by the Project will be underpinned by research conducted by a diverse network of experts, with appreciation for the socio-cultural contexts of communities and people who will be affected.

In collaboration with the Centre for Coastal Management, University of Cape Coast, the following are research questions to be answered by the end of the project in Ghana;
1. What are the current issues and inequities and where do they exist?
2. What perpetuates these inequities?
3. How do we close the gap and create socially equitable solutions?

The research to be carried out in Ghana will deliver the following outputs;
• A 3000-word Ghana case study summary
• Results of a survey of at least 30 households
• Report on the survey
• Photographs and video documentaries of the study area(s)


Funding Information

Funding Institution(s)
  • Amount : USD10,802.00
    Duration: November 2020 - November 2021